Threeway With Jayden James and Liza del Sierra

prince_yahshua_jayden_jaymes_liza_del_sierra182Today, I’ve got two of the hottest bitches in the biz at my disposal. Check out the lovely Jayden James along with her spicy girlfriend Liza Del Sierra. I cant believe both of them are here to suck and fuck my big ass black dick! Are you guys ready to see me penetrate these white bitches? Lets do this!

prince_yahshua_jayden_jaymes_liza_del_sierra227I’m here to fuck bitches, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do. I wasted no time at all in stuffing each of their holes. I started off with Liza Del Sierra and had her open wide to see just how much of my cock she could stuff down her throat before she gagged. She did a pretty good job, but I bet Jayden could do better!

prince_yahshua_jayden_jaymes_liza_del_sierra254Nice and sloppy…just how I like it! Know what else I like? When I’ve got a hot broad grasping a hold of my cock like it’s the key to life and another sitting on my face and drowning me with her delicious pussy juices. Fuck, this is getting good!

prince_yahshua_jayden_jaymes_liza_del_sierra272These two aren’t afraid to get down as you see. As soon as Liza hopped up on my cock and began riding me, Jayden spread Liza’s ass cheeks and started tonguing her asshole!

prince_yahshua_jayden_jaymes_liza_del_sierra326I wasn’t letting Jayden James get away without getting a piece of that phat ass or those titties bouncing around in my face. Looks like Liza is just as kinky as Jayden. These bitches love eating ass!

prince_yahshua_jayden_jaymes_liza_del_sierra362I went back and forth between these two — fucking both of them until they creamed all over my BBC. There ain’t nothing hotter than banging a bitch from behind while she’s chowing down on another girls pussy. Am I right?


I wished it would have lasted longer, but what do you expect when you’re fucking two smoking hot white bitches? You guys should stop fucking around and get yourself a password to my site and cop the video of me fucking these two. It’s cray!

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Layton Benton creams on my dick!

prince_yahshua_layton_benton2I do love me some white women, but I will never turn down a fine ass black booty girl. Today, I got to spend some time with Layton Benten and that phat ass of hers. I’m not quite sure what the fuck she’s wearing, but you know I aint here for that. I’m going to beat this pussy up!


Layton got some bomb ass, perky little titties too! She loves to have them nibbled on while she rides your dick. Booty slapping all on your thighs while you sucking on some nip like a starving baby. Sounds good to me!

prince_yahshua_layton_benton87Look…she’s already getting that pussy ready for me. Layton is going to make sure her fuck hole is soaked and lubed up enough where I can pound that bitch out. I’m about to rip that goofy ass top off of her too. Let those titties free!


Layton Benton hopped right on this dick and shoved that mother fucker right into her mouth. She knew the drill and is more than willing to get things done. Ya follow me? She likes it a little rough too, so I grabbed the back of her head and slapped her deep onto my cock.

prince_yahshua_layton_benton192As soon as she hopped up on top my dick, she was creamin on that shit. You know Layton was craving my dick, right? She slapped those ass cheeks against my thighs until I flipped her ass over and went to pound town on that baby maker.

prince_yahshua_layton_benton221Mmmhmm…You see what this big ass black dick can do, cant you? Layton’s eyes are rolled back into her head! You should hear her moaning for more. ;)

prince_yahshua_layton_benton267I had to hit that shit from behind and just see how much she could take. I slammed my dick deep inside her again and again without her stopping me. Talk about a good girl!

prince_yahshua_layton_benton296I wanted to hear Layton Benton scream louder and have one of the best orgasms ever, so I wrapped my hands around her neck and squeezed. Some of these bitches love that shit. Erotic Asphyxiation — look it up! Anyway, I went on my way to pound town on this fine ass booty until I blasted my jizz deep into her cervix, but if you want to see that you need to visit my site and get yourself a password!

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Katie St Ives wants this big black cock

prince_yahshua_katie_st_ives2What’s up guys…you ready for Christmas and the New Year? This is my little Christmas treat and her name is Katie St. Ives. Ain’t she got the cutest eyes? Katie loves nothing more than fucking my big ass black dick, so why would I hold out?

prince_yahshua_katie_st_ives91Here I am getting ready to relax and watch the basketball game and here comes Katie strolling into the room and jacking the controller right from my hand, telling me we need to talk. How can I say no to a phat ass like that?

prince_yahshua_katie_st_ives123As soon as I gave in, Katie went right to working on my dick. She wrapped those lips around the head and just inhaled my bbc. She sucking like she hasn’t eaten in a week!

prince_yahshua_katie_st_ives135I was still a little pissed off that she had to come in right before the start of the game, so I stood up and grabbed her head, slamming it down on my cock and making her choke. She obviously didn’t seem to mind.

prince_yahshua_katie_st_ives167I’m trying to get it in before the game starts, so I threw Katie St Ives off my dick and got that pussy moist so I can pound away at her tight, white pussy. She spread those legs and I tongue fucked her clit while she spread her pussy lips.

prince_yahshua_katie_st_ives195Once that pussy was wet enough to handle my dick, the pussy pounding began. I’m running out of time here and the game is about to start! I’m going to fuck Katie’s brains out and make her swallow every ounce of my porridge.

prince_yahshua_katie_st_ives240Just look at my dick spreading those pussy lips like Moses parting the red sea. She took my dick deep and screamed for more.

prince_yahshua_katie_st_ives259I just fucking love how creamy white girls pussies get. You see that cream? They LOVE big, black dicks! To finish and shoot my jizz down her throat, I had Katie St Ives hop up and ride my dick. Right before I was about to cum, I got her onto her knees and just blasted the back of her throat with a monstrous load.

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